Learn the art of Fabric sculpture – you do not have to have an artistic bone in your body to be able to create these wonderful statues. We use an air drying glue that renders the materials hard and waterproof, this works especially well with cottons, wool, silk and wood.

They will be hard to the touch when dry, the fabric becomes quite rigid; therefore resilient to the wind, rain and snow therefore they can be placed outside in a shady area. If they become dusty they can be hosed down to clean!

Why the name Wrapertoire?

Wrap: We usually wrap T-shirt material around a wire structure

Repertoire: A wide range of techniques, whether figures, canvas or screen. Combined becomes Wrapertoire.

What is Wrapertoire?

Water based textile hardener
An innovative new medium
Ideal for using recycled materials
Safe, economical, easy to use
For beginners to experienced artists a wide range of exciting classes

Wrapertoire has been established in Australia since 2005

Environmentally Friendly

Wrapertoire is a water based environmentally friendly liquid. It is available in 0.5L, 1L, 2L & 4L tubs that dry to a transparent finish.


Wrapertoire can be used without gloves or a mask and is an environmentally safe product that can be washed off with warm soapy water.

Multiple Materials

Wrapertoire is absorbed by materials such as textiles, leather, wood and bark – all of these materials and more can be combined in the one creation.


When used correctly, creates works of art that may be placed either inside or outside – Wrapertoire dries to a hard weatherproof finish.

Multiple Colours

Wrapertoire can be tinted to a colour of your choice. There are currently 21 different colours plus 5 metallic colours to transform your work of art with.

Strong Adhesion

Adheres to ceramics, plaster, stone, concrete, wood and other absorbent materials – various materials can be used to base your creation on, limitless possibilities.

Dries Clear

Wrapertoire is naturally transparent when dry, however, Wrapertoire colours can easily be added and mixed to create your own unique look.


Fabric can be shaped and modelled whilst damp into a design you prefer – it will then dry into a permanent shape retaining all the pleats and folds.